Carivino All-In-One Insulated Wine Bottle with Glasses- Pearl

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  • WINE OUTDOORS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - enjoy your favorite wine at the beach, pool, park, hiking, or any outdoor events
  • ADVANCED FEATURES - Venturi aerator, full bottle capacity, vacuum insulation, ceramic interior, shatter-proof design, tumbler glasses with magnetic stems, and a corkscrew
  • VENTURI AERATION is built inside the neck so wine can taste its very best - automatically as you pour
  • 750 mL CAPACITY with double-walled vacuum insulation means a full bottle of wine can stay fresh and chilled all day without the need for ice or worry from summer heat
  • CERAMIC INTERIOR protects all wines - from delicate whites to the most robust reds - ceramic means No Metal Taste!
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR Tritan shatter-proof tumblers and magnetic stems give you the stylish look of real wine glasses with the freedom to go where glass is not allowed
  • ESSENTIAL FOR ANY WINE ENTHUSIAST, day tripper, or outdoor adventurer who loves wine